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William Webb has now joined Access Partnership as CTO and senior consultant. Please contact Access Partnership if interested in working with William

William Webb

William WebbWilliam is one of the world’s leading wireless communications experts. He has published 17 books, over 100 papers, and 18 patents. He is CTO at Access Partnership, a Visiting Professor at multiple Universities, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the IEEE and the IET. He was the IET President for the 14/15 term. His biography is included in multiple “Who’s Who” publications around the world. William has a first class honours degree in electronics, a PhD and an MBA and three honorary doctorates.

His notable achievements include leading the design of the Weightless standard and forming the associated standards body where he was CEO, authoring the UK Spectrum Framework Review while at Ofcom, designing the GSM-R technology for the European railways and inventing variable level modulation – a technique used in almost all radio systems today.

He has huge consulting experience, having worked for a range of consultancies spanning Detica to PA Consulting for over a decade. A Profile,  full biography and publications list are available.

 New book – “The Internet of Things Myth”

William has an outstanding track record of predicting the future. In a time where digital is enabling much but equally disrupting society, it has never been more important to understand where we will end up. More details here.

Bestseller – “The 5G Myth”

The 5G vision is flawed. In this new book, William explains why and sets out a better vision for the world. More details here.


Selected papers including a study on the barriers to deployment of mobile networks can be downloaded here.


Details of the UK-China Smart Cities Forum are here