Typical projects undertaken by Webb Search, often working with other consultancies, include:

  • A major multi-year project for the 5G Innovation Centre at Surrey University, strengthening the links with external bodies, developing visions, enhancing marketing and collaboration with the intent of making the 5GIC the global centre for 5G.
  • Advice to a major Far-Eastern manufacturer on the emerging standards in the IoT space and areas where they could gain commercial advantage.
  • The development of substantive course material for the ITU for a year-long spectrum management course.
  • A large project for the EC considering whether there would be benefits in converging broadcasting and broadband communications onto a single platform in the UHF band and what the technical, economic and regulatory issues would be (with Plum).
  • A report for the IDA – the regulator in Singapore – on their local requirements for IoT and how the regulator and government might work to facilitate the emergence of a country-wide network. A separate report on 5G and how Singapore should regulate and invest to maximise the benefits it gains from its introduction (with Plum).
  • Support for a UK mobile operator to develop technical and legal cases to influence forthcoming auction and merger rulings (with NERA).
  • A major project for the regulator in Thailand to show the economic value of spectrum and the best approaches to maximising this in forthcoming spectrum auctions (with LSE).
  • A future prediction project for the Wi-Fi Alliance, modelling the possible congestion on Wi-Fi networks under various scenarios and showing the mix of spectrum, regulation and standardisation needed to ensure Wi-Fi remains able to handle projected traffic loads for the next 10-20 years (with Quotient).
  • A short study for Rolls-Royce on possible strategies for the deployment of IoT within their businesses.