The IoT Myth

Back in 2011 many of the key telecoms companies told us that there would be 50 billion IoT devices by 2020. Some predicted many more. We are now in 2020 and there are about 11 billion IoT devices, only just over 20% of the forecast. This book explains the reasons why the targets were missed, including terrible products, lack of standards, technology errors, ecosystem challenges, value-chain conflicts and overly ambitious vendors. It examines how the solutions are not to be found in Artificial Intelligence or 5G riding to the rescue, but in a value chain that delivers value to everyone and the application of some best practice for vendors and adopters.

Matt Hatton and William Webb are veterans of this industry. Both help found pioneering companies including Machina Research and Neul, and led key initiatives such as the Weightless standard. Both have consulted widely across the IoT industry for the last decade. Both bear the scars but retain the enthusiasm that IoT really can change the world.

It is available from Amazon as a book or Kindle download.